Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hudak Speaks At Rally for Canada

A rally in support of the Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the will of Canadian voters was held at Queen’s Park in Toronto on Dec. 6.
About one thousand Ontario residents came out to express their opposition to the Dion-led separatist coalition and to support respect for the democratically elected federal government. A number of prominent conservatives addressed the crowd, including Ontario PC Party Leader John Tory, St. Catharines MP Rick Dykstra, Thornhill MP Peter Kent and Ontario PC Finance Critic Tim Hudak.

The following is Tim Hudak’s speech from the rally:

I want to thank Matt O'Brien, Ed Wooley and Utsav Sanduja - three dedicated Canadians - for their extraordinary grassroots efforts to organize this rally today.

Special greetings also to my friends and neighbours from Niagara and Hamilton who made the trek up the QEW this morning to join us here at Queen's Park.

And thank you to all of you who have taken time away from family, from work, from your businesses to gather on this cold December day.

But we do this for a very important and admirable purpose: because we fundamentally believe - particularly during these challenging economic times - that the will of the people expressed on Election Day must be respected

And we believe that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Government have been given a clear mandate to take Canada forward.

And Stephane Dion? The man who took his Liberal Party of Canada to its poorest showing in its history?

Stephane Dion cannot even run his own Party and - as we saw on Monday night - he cannot even manage a cheap camcorder.

And he wants to run our country?

It gets worse!

Get this: Dion wants Bob Rae to develop the Coalition Economic Plan.

All of us in Ontario have sadly seen that movie before: record unemployment, more people on welfare than the total population of Newfoundland, jobs fleeing our Province.

The Buffalo Chamber of Commerce named Bob Rae their Businessman of the Year fot all the jobs he chased across the border.

The concept of Prime Minister Dion is frightening enough. Prime Minister Dion at the head of a coalition using Bob Rae's so-called Economic Plan backed by the Bloc Quebecois is unconscionable.

It is bad news for hard pressed Ontario families and it is dangerous for struggling Ontario businesses.

And have you heard the latest from the Coalition?

They have suggested Dion may be replaced by John McCallum or Ralph Goodale at the head of the separatist coalition.

Or they have suggested that if only could explain to Canadians better what the coalition would mean for Canada.

My friends, you can put lipstick on the coalition but Canadian voters are not about to pucker up!

It is time to take this country forward. Let's respect the will of the people and allow Stephen Harper's duly elected Conservative Government take us from tough times today to a more prosperous tomorrow.

Thank you for being here to rally for democracy.

Thank you for being here to stand up for Canada.

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