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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


There is a new word for you. However a quite incorrect use of phobia. Phobia could be described as a paralyzing baseless fear. Given world events of the past 10 years I would hardly call it baseless, nor paralyzing; though the paralysis part might be more true of our politicians.

It is a faith that allows for suicide bombing and promises a great reward in the here after; the slightest perceived insult of their prophet sends thousands world wide into the streets burning anything western. Fatwahs are issued by their leaders calling for the execution of the one that offended. Every good muslim is obliged to carry that out.

As for paralyzed? Just how many times and for how long will westerners practise their own faith by turning the other cheek? How long before this powder keg reaches critical mass and ordinary people take matters into their own hands; doing what the politicians should have done? Or will we fall like once Great Britain has? Yes fallen why else would their be resistance movements; resistance comes after the occupation and telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act, as George Orwell put it.

Appeasing them for the sake of the few reasonable ones could prove dangerous; however I must temper this with the belief that a majority of muslims are captives of the extremists; it is they the reasonable ones that will suffer being caught in between the east and the west. To them I would speak up silence equals acquiescence; there is safety in numbers; bullies need to be stood up too.

We too have our bullies; they are the liberal progressive politically correct thug that wields the "R" at anyone that dare differ in opinion from them. Fortunately we can ignore them and if needs must take ownership of the "R" word; if standing up for my culture, my freedoms and rights is racist then perhaps I will wear that word proudly.

Welcome to Utopia

I have spent the past few days surfing the web reading a great many articles about feminism; in particular "Men hating feminist". It shouldn't surprise anyone that many describe themselves as lesbians or just celibate.

I can't help but say "well it looks good on you" you drank from the Marxist feminista kool aid tank worked hard at sanitizing our language; emasculating men; getting divorce law made so lopsided that not a single man could ever get a fair decision in a court. In short you began to believe your on propaganda that we are the monsters you say we are. I will point out that the boys of yesterday are today's men; the femnazis have made men what they are today. So if you hate men so much you have no one but your marxist slanted selves to blame. The saving grace is that you treat other women worse than you do us; probably because you know women better than men.

Enjoy the Utopia you created for yourselves; keep up the good work there are men yet that "just don't get it" they still have some respect for women.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Clear Cut Choice

Some advise for Tim Hudak:

For the most part the electorate is very simple; they pretty much know what they don't want and they are easily swayed to some extent by a bribe or two with their own money. They also have some set ideas about the different parties. Unfortunately they for the most part believe that Progressive Conservatives are for big business. A perception in need of updating.

The poor results was in part due to lack of clear cut differences. It was a choice between Dalton red and Dalton blue; they electorate chose the devil they knew over the one they didn't. Of course the NDP always give a clear choice; socialist utopia vs reality; not really a hard choice to make.

Health Care: we need to tailor make a two tier system where those that can afford to can seek private care and insurance. We need more Doctors licensed to practise in Ontario. It is a supply and demand issue presently. You can unburden the current system reduce wait times; perhaps even reduce costs through competition. Anything is better than the current Liberal HMO.

Education: The Ministry should set the syllabus for each grade hand it down to the local boards. Set policy to allow the local boards to administer to the local needs; put teachers and trustees together on how to achieve the goals. Allow for failure and repeating of grades; stop worrying about student self esteem and put the efforts into their success rather than producing crutches for them.

Commerce: Tear down the barriers of regulation where it is necessary to do so. eliminate min. wage and payroll taxes. Determine what is a realistic wage and advertise it so people know that they shouldn't accept less than that if they have a family to feed. Perhaps have an anti-exploitation statute on the books to curb abuse. Bottom line pay a fair wage or we will impose one. Simplify Labour Law and Health and Safety. And please reform the WSIB.

Energy and Resources: We need an oil pipeline from the oil fields of Alberta or Saskatchewan. Even better still exploit our huge gas reserves that are yet untapped. I would lay odds that if they drilled a little deeper they might even hit the oil beneath it. We have gold in Ontario as well as many other minerals it only makes sense to get them out of the ground and paying some of the bills here.

We need a leader that will once and for all put an end to the "Nanny State" It is not the business of Government to tell anyone how to live their lives. We need to curtail the mandate of the Human Rights Commission and bring it into line with our Constitutional values ie:presumption of innocence. The complainant ought to pay for their legal fees and the tribunal ought to have qualified judiciary( retired justices would work) but most all stop the "Hurt feeling complaints" the "they have offended me and everyone like me complaint. A start would be using a more American approach to civil liberties.

We could use our own Constitution with our own bill of rights that will protect property and enshrine Common Law protections of person and property.

But most of all we need a leader who is passionate enough to present these ideals to the people and give them a clear cut choice at the next election...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Maybe It's Just Me

I am wondering do we have a conservative opposition leader or no? Its seems the very photogenic Ms Horwath seems to get the vid and sound bights with little effort. Yet Tim Hudak is coming off as an empty suit at worst and a Dalton clone at the very worst. Is it a media bias? or Is there something missing in Tim's leadership? or Is his leadership just fine but just can't seem to get the message out forcefully?

I admit that I am about to give up on Tim; that is a luxury of being an armchair quarterback. I am not privy to the backroom strategy. Just what are these guys trying to achieve? They are giving Ms Horwath a free ride; why are they not telling the truth about the NDP memories are still fairly familiar with the NDP brand in Ontario yet they scooped a riding from the PCs. The by-election was a total loss for them; they gained nothing. The truth of it is: while McGuinty spends money like a sailor 6 hours into shore leave Ms Horwath would do no better; the operative word is "spend!" Both the Liberals and NDP spend, and spend on things that most people don't really need and perhaps not really want. McGuinty has established the brand of Premiere DAD. Does Tim really want to emulate that? Does he want to see a Premiere MOM. Everybody surely realizes that the NDP are socialists and are firmly rooted in the notion of better living through government interference in your daily life. The Idea that government can do everything better by handing things over to the fringe and special interests.

Maybe it's just me but I am of the belief that Tim needs to be tearing both Dalton's and Andrea's ideas to shreds. That he needs to be the horse of a different colour; he needs to build a a bridge to labour not burn it. Admittedly that is a tough and difficult row to hoe; Tim should have not supported the Premiere with labour dispute between the teachers and the Government; it's his job to oppose! However the key is not labour leadership but the men and women on the shop floors; the rank and file; the man/woman who feels they work too damn hard for their daily bread only to have their taxes diminish what money they have. We want more than just a meagre existence we want more disposable income. We want cash in our pockets and hands out of them. We need tax breaks as much as our employers do. We need a hand up not hand outs. We need smaller government.

We need freer markets that will allow for competition; for god sake man get rid of the marketing boards or at least sharply curtail their overreaching powers; make them optional. Explain to the ordinary man why the LCBO and the floor price of beer needs privatized in the former and eliminated in the latter. That the Government should not be in the business of selling booze and that the floor price favours the massive brewers; that the net end result is no competition in the market because the big guys don't need to compete they have their safe market share thanks to floor pricing. Of course there will be a chorus from the hand wringers choir that kids will take up drinking; money for food will be spent on booze etc. ad nausea. News flash it is already under the current regimen. Lesson learned "Governments Cannot Control the Actions of Everyone"; so stop trying too.

We are not a free society anymore regulation has sliced away that freedom as surely as a meat slicer slices salami. It is always been sold as some form of public safety measure so that the government de jour can look like they are earning their inflated salaries. We are not children needing to be protected from ourselves and our fellow citizens believe it or not liberal positivism has has not improved freedom or our quality of life it has served to juvenilize people; the attack on the farmers trying to sell raw milk is a prime example of this slicing away of freedom; they are not trying to sell it in the open market but to people who are willing to assume whatever risk is attached to such a practice. In fact some cheeses just can't be made with pasteurized milk.

Tim we need a leader that will stand by the notion that it is not the business of government to run peoples lives for them. That the business of government is first and foremost PROTECT our FREEDOM. It is not to infringe upon areas that the federal government is responsible for just for some cheap popularity ie: ban on cosmetic herbicide use; the sale of ammunition to already over regulated firearms owners (Baylis law). It's just not your job!

Commerce provides the life's blood of our economy; people with cash spend it. which generates jobs and taxes the more people working the more goods and services purchased the more taxes paid. Cut the Provincial portion of the tax by 5% then at least we are back to where we started; better still get rid of it. The government should always facilitate good commerce not stifle it.
We need to further utilize our resource sectors viz a viz our oil and gas deposits; possibly even shift from gasoline to natural gas powered cars. If we are to subsidize something subsidize emerging technologies through our universities and colleges. Get our keener minds set to innovation and development of new manufacturing avenues; stipulate that the subsidy rest on them developing usable commercialized ideas that will stay in the Province creating new frontiers for industry.

Oh don't get me started on health care in this province,,oooh nooooo.....

I can sum up very easily and simply what the vast majority Ontarians want; we want our labours to bear fruit; we want to enjoy that fruit what ever form that takes; we want to be left alone to go about our business; have a nice home; take a vacation now and then food on the table that we don't require a mortgage to purchase. Toronto is a big city with is big city problems but it is not all of Ontario

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Way To Go Dalton!

In the immortal words of Forest Gump "Stupid is as stupid does". It is not enough that he has run Ontario into the ground; failed to make enough cuts in the budget that our bonds were down graded. Dalton has decided to kick the proverbial hornets nest "Firearms Owners" yes us!

Mark Holland the erstwhile MP for Ajax-Pickering decided that he would make us enemies. As you probably noticed he is the erstwhile MP..Firearms owners work very hard in that riding for his opponent logged thousands of volunteer hours knocking on doors and manning phones. The bottom line is we mobilized our forces and made a difference. Ajax-Pickering has a fine new Conservative MP now.

So why does Dalton think it is a good idea to raise the ire of my community? Does he not realize the significant voting block we represent? There is an estimated 7 million firearms owners give or take; not everyone acquiesced to the Ottawa Edict and licensed not everyone registered either; in a Province of 12 million people where do you think a good portion of that 7 million live? Though many of them may well not vote PC and quite frankly could have voted liberal or NDP. It still remains clear we as a community vote! when you do organize we have quite a bit of clout. This move by Dolton to thumb his nose at the federal legislation calling an end to non restricted firearms registration.

Dolton's contention is that the 1977 firearms act is now in play; really? since when? The Edict from Ottawa called Bill C-68 repealed that making it null and void the new firearms act supersedes it; It is the statute now; I would also like to point out section 126 of the Criminal Code of Canada.
Disobeying a statute
  • (1) Every one who, without lawful excuse, contravenes an Act of Parliament by wilfully doing anything that it forbids or by wilfully omitting to do anything that it requires to be done is, unless a punishment is expressly provided by law, guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.

R.S., 1985, c. C-46, s. 126; R.S., 1985, c. 27 (1st Supp.), s. 185(F).

Without positive law stating otherwise Dolton and Chris Wyatt have not lawful excuse. Using the clause stating that he(Wyatt) can place any reasonable condition on a licence holder is flimsy at best in the face of the legislative intent of Bill C-19 which clearly states that all data collection must stop. Secondly Wyatt is a sworn officer of the peace he is not qualified to interpret a statute; even so the statutory interpretation act is in play; which more or less states that the legislative purpose is part of the process in interpreting any act. So if ending the registering of non restricted firearms is the legislative purpose how can Wyatt claim colour of right when he in fact is committing a criminal offence. What is worse the Premier is counselling him to break the law.

Way to go Dalton! What is paramount to the rule of law is first equality before the law(though arguably statutes are not laws) no one can get around it. Secondly I would argue that them who presume to have authority over us need to obey the law scrupulously. Other wise it comes down to this. Why should we have to obey the law if they don't.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Work Never Ends at the Ministry of Social Engineering and Government Protection

The Ministry of Social Engineering and Government Protection is my new name for the Supreme Court of Canada. I think it more appropriate to think of them as deputy Ministers rather than Justices or Jesters of the Court. Like medieval times when the clergy were the only literate people in the kingdom; the scholars of the time who saw to the administration of the realm. Like their predecessors of old the Ministers of the SE&GP have a real sweet deal they have complete autonomous control over a branch of the Government; they have tenure for life (or age 75 which ever comes first); they can't be sacked; they have more power than the elected members of Parliament; can blame Parliament or protect parliament depending on the current agenda; strike down statutes and law(not even the queen does that these days) for a whopping 300-350k per year with a obese pension; come to think of it they have a sweeter deal.

There is a pesky myth today; that people are entitled to a day in court and a right to appeal to the highest court; nonsense!!!!! That would mean they have an entitlement to justice; as anyone who follows the goings on in our "legal system" would know there is no justice. Except where there are a few fossil judges or rebels that roil against this mockery and try to fight the system from within but they are far and few between and actually they are dying out relegated to serve out their tenure on the same bench in the same court probably in an obscure place never seeing elevation or promotion. I digress

The minister of the SE&GP are nine in total with power greater than a Queen. Set for life they are free to social engineer to their hearts content all under the guise of being judicial and official. They can even ignore their own decisions of previous rulings when deciding a matter before them either citing a unique situation(even though circumstances and points of law are very similar) or cite "community values being the tipping point of their decision. Abortion is one of the most famous rulings where security of the person was paramount despite deep division in the Canadian communities on the subject.

Freedom of speech is another right protected by the charter. Before the charter it was already a right at common law limited to what the law would allow; one could not use this right to incite the peace to be broken or used to commit fraud; criminal behaviour is never protected and slander and libel offend ones right to their reputation and good name. However I must stress that not everything the government says is criminal is unlawful. The Criminal Code of Canada has a few statutes in it that are aimed at personal pass times "victim-less" crimes. The struggle between classes of people is a political struggle and no where is it written that anyone has a right not to be offended by what some one says. Yet the hate speech statute is used regularly to attack political opponents or people that disagree with the current status quo. Our loving SE&GP has upheld this statute silencing debate on any controversial

We as Canadians and Subjects of the Crown have a right to have and carry arms for our defence. Unlike abortion no one has to stretch the meaning of a Charter right; no this right is plainly written albeit in Middle English and forms part of an unalterable part of the Constitution. I say unalterable mainly because you cannot turn one part of the Constitution on another, nor can you remove without the approval of the Provinces apart from Quebec and Ontario I would say that the other 8 provinces' Governments would be committing political suicide so agreement would be slim. As it stands the English Bill of Rights operates in full vigour in Canada.

Indeed; when the Ministry of Social Engineering and Government Protection says it does when it is trying to protect the Government as in Ref: Canada Constitutional Act and in Aurthurson when the Government is taking money away from a Veteran. However when it suits them it all of a sudden disappears as in Hasselwander which was a case involving firearms. Suddenly the Bill of Rights is meaningless. This is where they become the ever vigilant social engineers denying Canadians their right to have arms in their defence.

Two more cases involving a challenge to the firearms act(a statute not law) didn't even make it to the high court both their application for leave to appeal were dismissed without reason. Part of the quorum was the appeal Jester from Ontario that had given short shrift of the first case Montague at the first appeal and he got a second whack at someone challenging the firearms act in Hudson which involves the fundamental right to have a fair hearing before seized property could be destroyed by the Crown (a shotgun) even though this firearm was seized without charge or any criminal proceedings what ever against Dr Hudson. If either of these cases had made it to the high court it would have been news and it would brought national attention to a topic that neither the Government nor the Social Engineers in fancy dress want Canadians to know about.

I know some people would argue this on two points that A. There is no place in civil society for guns and B. We would be just like the Americans. To the first proposition I would ask: What do you think keeps society civil? Greater men than I have written volumes on the subject one in particular is Sir William Blackstone who stated that your rights would be in vain if not for this right. That you would be putting a great deal of trust in people that should not be trusted (both the Crown and Parliament) this right is the last line of defence of your rights and your freedom. The Government did not grant you your right in the first place they are not theirs to take; in truth as subjects of the Crown you were born with them.

But not according to our un-elected Ministers at Social Engineering. We have been told our rights are limited and not absolute. REALLY! Then how is it they are called rights? The Government can not give what they do not possess that is a maxim at law; no one can give what they do not have. If you have no authority you cannot give authority; if you have no rights you cannot give rights; the converse is also true you cannot take what is not yours; that is called theft. It is also called fraud when you intentionally mislead someone.

The English Parliament placed a limit on the powers of the crown. It stated categorically what the crown shall not do. It is also equally true that the House of Commons is the voice and will of the people; they took up the mantle of protecting the rights of the common people. However the Ministry of Social Engineering is of the belief that they are even supreme over Parliament they re-write statutes all the time they interpret the Charter and decide what are Canadian values; they alone have seized this authority. So like King John the first "the law is in their mouth"

I have heard it said in the media and by other commentators that Harper will remake Canada. The Ministry of Social Engineering and Government Protection has a 30 year head start on him and the ability to re-write what ever he does so how could that statement ever be true? The supreme court is far more scarier and powerful than Harper could ever be; they smile and sweetly pronounce their decisions dressed up in fine words. They not Harper will the death of freedom and democracy.

Friday, March 30, 2012

OMG!!!! REALLY?????? Once again the un-elected, un-accountable; social engineers strike again

The old maxim used to be let the punishment fit the crime, but this is Canada don't ya know eh!

In Canada the whole concept of punishing wrong doers is passe, and has been passe since the early seventies; Thank you Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

No indeed in Canada your crime is meaningless; your long history of crime is actually helpful if you happen to be an Indigenous person (Indian). Indeed that is the only consideration because the supreme court jesters say so; because Indians are over represented in prison doncha know!

This comedy routine known as the Supreme Court of Canada is really getting tired and calling them "justices" would be an oxymoron. They are as funny as seeing another rubber chicken or plastic doggy doo jape. Where is V when you need him?

I wouldn't mind them so much if they were called what they really are "The Ministry of Social Engineering and Protection of Government" because they stopped being a court of law years ago. They stopped applying the law and began Interpreting the law(Statutes because real law doesn't count in Canada) I know you might be asking "ya so what?". Well here is "what" the most basic and fundamental principal of law is that the "law" must be knowable you must be able to understand the law in order to stand under the law; if a Judge (which is a lawyer in a dress) must interpret what a law means; how on earth are you a poor simple un-educated peasant supposed to obey the law?

Another maxim that is routinely ignored is that "all are equal before the law" and equal protection of the law. How on earth is sentencing indigenous people lighter protecting other indigenous people from the violence these people perpetrate. The message that is sent is that indigenous people are incapable of living up to our standards, after all they are only natives; the remainder of the community? Well they must be used to it and accept it; its part of their culture.

The sentencing guide lines used by judges for indigenous people are found within an act of Parliament; again thank you Pierre Trudeau for such a "progressive" piece of legislation. Like all progressive social engineering it was passed with "Good Intentions" which means it is above reproach to question the wisdom of such an Act is to invite the label of "racist" to be visited upon you. Luckily I am beyond caring what I am labelled as by progressive hand wringers. Any Act of Parliament that "juvenilizes" an entire segment of population of Canada is the most pernicious bit of racism that could ever be contrived. Think of it just because you live on a reserve you are sentenced to live your days in fear of your fellow denizen because any crime that is committed against you is not denounced with the same sentence that would be given a "white man" in the same circumstances. Nice to know that your security is of less value than the "white mans" eh?

All this time when you supported the "special status" afforded your community I'll bet you never realized just how special you guys are? Perpetual children by statute. I'm sure the race hustlers will spin this in such a way that it will be our fault, but don't feel too bad; it has taken some of us a long while to learn that you never ask the government to fix anything social the cure is always worse than the problem and it is always done with good intentions.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

One Ashamed Canadian

Last weekend in a discussion with my wife; who is absolutely flabbergasted at my interest in politics and rights. She has even suggested that perhaps I ought to emigrate to place or country where I would be happier; my reply was a very passionate over the top "Why? Why should I have to leave? It's my f**n country!!! My people cleared the land and began to build this Country. They fought the Americans twice; they chose British Freedom over American equality. They were among the western Grits that stood for property rights.

Hundreds of thousands of people over the centuries have made the ultimate sacrifice for this ideal known as freedom. Why should it be surprising when a man who is a life long student of history has become upset at the current state of our Country. Political correctness has grown from a nuisance to a pernicious disease; safety and security have become more important that liberty and rights. A single human life has become more important and valuable than good sense; the words "if it saves one life than its worth it." have become the bywords of progressive politicians and their allies the mainstream media to justify inane legislation that does nothing but strip away rights and freedom.

Worse still it has empowered unaccountable faceless bureaucrats to run roughshod over our lives. It has empowered a School Administrator in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario to even proclaim that they are "co-parents" of our children. Really? Where are they when it comes to ponying up for sports and dance classes? Even putting food on the table? Of course this only is invoked when they are messing with your life just ask Jesse Sansone. This case screams why bureaucrats and public servants must be held accountable for their actions; why they need their mandates reviewed and all their extraneous and intrusive powers need to be curtailed. It also is testament to the level of hysteria that people of fallen prey to where a gun is concerned.

In an ongoing instance is the case of Omar Khadr the progressives have fallen head over heals in love with this treasonous terrorist. The MSM and a chorus of other supporting cast all but gush over him. They even took his case to the supreme court of Canada; to get this poor little lost lamb back home. Really??????? This is a man who's most happy moment in life was when he tossed a grenade at our U.S. allies troops killing one and wounding another. In a plea bargain he received an 8 year sentence. Wow! He is now the mayor of Gitmo.

I used to have the highest regard for the judiciary and the Supreme Court of Canada. I used to see them as the shield against bad legislation; instead they have become the Government's shield against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If they are not going to apply the law which they are sworn to do then they need to be abolished or replaced. They have become capricious in interpretation of the laws and statutes creating a situation whereby the "law is in their mouths". Such thinking was the undoing of a King; such thinking caused a rebellion and the creation of the Magna Carta. Indeed this quaint relic as it is regarded as; which brought a king under the rule of law. It's truly a pity we do not have politicians of substance and parts that would remedy this situation. It would require Constitutional reform and reform of the Supreme Court Act. Hell would endure an ice age before this would happen; even if it did it would be too little too late, and would probably leave the sacred cows alone.

As titled; I am one ashamed Canadian. In fact my fellow Canadians even embarrass me with their anti American attitudes. I don't disagree that they sometimes behave badly and truly embarrass themselves but I will cut them a great deal of slack because in my view they are family. I share more values with my American cousins than I do my European acquaintances. Europeans are civil code subjects and do not share my innate sense of freedom that runs through every offspring of the British Isles. Canada would be a poor colony still if not for the United States we became a great nation with their support through trade. Many of the chattering classes would be poorer today without U.S. investment in this country. The U.S. economy catches a cold we get pneumonia. We are linked in more ways than one. This anti U.S. attitude is fleshed out by the mere fact that the erstwhile liberal government of Jean Chretien gushed over the Khadr family and intervened on their behalf to secure the release the Khadr senior from the Pakistani authorities who was in prison for his terrorist activities..

Quite frankly though what makes me ashamed the most is purely and simply this: The very idea of rights and freedom have become synonymous with "right wing nutjob" can't say it any planer than that. Wake up Canada you are sleep walking into stupid since when has that idea ever been about left or right? There are still people in the world that would love a fraction of our freedom and rights yet because some wonk in the chattering classes or MSM has labelled freedom as a radical idea you are willing to give up your freedom for the "Greater Good", or for a false sense of safety and security. Truly if you agree with this idea false utility then there is little hope for this country you will become as dependent upon the Government as a junkie is dependent on a dealer. You will find out the hard way that a government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take all you have from you. Hardly a fair trade and you will find that you have neither freedom nor security in the end.