Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Welcome to Utopia

I have spent the past few days surfing the web reading a great many articles about feminism; in particular "Men hating feminist". It shouldn't surprise anyone that many describe themselves as lesbians or just celibate.

I can't help but say "well it looks good on you" you drank from the Marxist feminista kool aid tank worked hard at sanitizing our language; emasculating men; getting divorce law made so lopsided that not a single man could ever get a fair decision in a court. In short you began to believe your on propaganda that we are the monsters you say we are. I will point out that the boys of yesterday are today's men; the femnazis have made men what they are today. So if you hate men so much you have no one but your marxist slanted selves to blame. The saving grace is that you treat other women worse than you do us; probably because you know women better than men.

Enjoy the Utopia you created for yourselves; keep up the good work there are men yet that "just don't get it" they still have some respect for women.


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