Tuesday, September 25, 2012


There is a new word for you. However a quite incorrect use of phobia. Phobia could be described as a paralyzing baseless fear. Given world events of the past 10 years I would hardly call it baseless, nor paralyzing; though the paralysis part might be more true of our politicians.

It is a faith that allows for suicide bombing and promises a great reward in the here after; the slightest perceived insult of their prophet sends thousands world wide into the streets burning anything western. Fatwahs are issued by their leaders calling for the execution of the one that offended. Every good muslim is obliged to carry that out.

As for paralyzed? Just how many times and for how long will westerners practise their own faith by turning the other cheek? How long before this powder keg reaches critical mass and ordinary people take matters into their own hands; doing what the politicians should have done? Or will we fall like once Great Britain has? Yes fallen why else would their be resistance movements; resistance comes after the occupation and telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act, as George Orwell put it.

Appeasing them for the sake of the few reasonable ones could prove dangerous; however I must temper this with the belief that a majority of muslims are captives of the extremists; it is they the reasonable ones that will suffer being caught in between the east and the west. To them I would speak up silence equals acquiescence; there is safety in numbers; bullies need to be stood up too.

We too have our bullies; they are the liberal progressive politically correct thug that wields the "R" at anyone that dare differ in opinion from them. Fortunately we can ignore them and if needs must take ownership of the "R" word; if standing up for my culture, my freedoms and rights is racist then perhaps I will wear that word proudly.

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