Thursday, September 13, 2012

Clear Cut Choice

Some advise for Tim Hudak:

For the most part the electorate is very simple; they pretty much know what they don't want and they are easily swayed to some extent by a bribe or two with their own money. They also have some set ideas about the different parties. Unfortunately they for the most part believe that Progressive Conservatives are for big business. A perception in need of updating.

The poor results was in part due to lack of clear cut differences. It was a choice between Dalton red and Dalton blue; they electorate chose the devil they knew over the one they didn't. Of course the NDP always give a clear choice; socialist utopia vs reality; not really a hard choice to make.

Health Care: we need to tailor make a two tier system where those that can afford to can seek private care and insurance. We need more Doctors licensed to practise in Ontario. It is a supply and demand issue presently. You can unburden the current system reduce wait times; perhaps even reduce costs through competition. Anything is better than the current Liberal HMO.

Education: The Ministry should set the syllabus for each grade hand it down to the local boards. Set policy to allow the local boards to administer to the local needs; put teachers and trustees together on how to achieve the goals. Allow for failure and repeating of grades; stop worrying about student self esteem and put the efforts into their success rather than producing crutches for them.

Commerce: Tear down the barriers of regulation where it is necessary to do so. eliminate min. wage and payroll taxes. Determine what is a realistic wage and advertise it so people know that they shouldn't accept less than that if they have a family to feed. Perhaps have an anti-exploitation statute on the books to curb abuse. Bottom line pay a fair wage or we will impose one. Simplify Labour Law and Health and Safety. And please reform the WSIB.

Energy and Resources: We need an oil pipeline from the oil fields of Alberta or Saskatchewan. Even better still exploit our huge gas reserves that are yet untapped. I would lay odds that if they drilled a little deeper they might even hit the oil beneath it. We have gold in Ontario as well as many other minerals it only makes sense to get them out of the ground and paying some of the bills here.

We need a leader that will once and for all put an end to the "Nanny State" It is not the business of Government to tell anyone how to live their lives. We need to curtail the mandate of the Human Rights Commission and bring it into line with our Constitutional values ie:presumption of innocence. The complainant ought to pay for their legal fees and the tribunal ought to have qualified judiciary( retired justices would work) but most all stop the "Hurt feeling complaints" the "they have offended me and everyone like me complaint. A start would be using a more American approach to civil liberties.

We could use our own Constitution with our own bill of rights that will protect property and enshrine Common Law protections of person and property.

But most of all we need a leader who is passionate enough to present these ideals to the people and give them a clear cut choice at the next election...

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