Monday, September 10, 2012

Maybe It's Just Me

I am wondering do we have a conservative opposition leader or no? Its seems the very photogenic Ms Horwath seems to get the vid and sound bights with little effort. Yet Tim Hudak is coming off as an empty suit at worst and a Dalton clone at the very worst. Is it a media bias? or Is there something missing in Tim's leadership? or Is his leadership just fine but just can't seem to get the message out forcefully?

I admit that I am about to give up on Tim; that is a luxury of being an armchair quarterback. I am not privy to the backroom strategy. Just what are these guys trying to achieve? They are giving Ms Horwath a free ride; why are they not telling the truth about the NDP memories are still fairly familiar with the NDP brand in Ontario yet they scooped a riding from the PCs. The by-election was a total loss for them; they gained nothing. The truth of it is: while McGuinty spends money like a sailor 6 hours into shore leave Ms Horwath would do no better; the operative word is "spend!" Both the Liberals and NDP spend, and spend on things that most people don't really need and perhaps not really want. McGuinty has established the brand of Premiere DAD. Does Tim really want to emulate that? Does he want to see a Premiere MOM. Everybody surely realizes that the NDP are socialists and are firmly rooted in the notion of better living through government interference in your daily life. The Idea that government can do everything better by handing things over to the fringe and special interests.

Maybe it's just me but I am of the belief that Tim needs to be tearing both Dalton's and Andrea's ideas to shreds. That he needs to be the horse of a different colour; he needs to build a a bridge to labour not burn it. Admittedly that is a tough and difficult row to hoe; Tim should have not supported the Premiere with labour dispute between the teachers and the Government; it's his job to oppose! However the key is not labour leadership but the men and women on the shop floors; the rank and file; the man/woman who feels they work too damn hard for their daily bread only to have their taxes diminish what money they have. We want more than just a meagre existence we want more disposable income. We want cash in our pockets and hands out of them. We need tax breaks as much as our employers do. We need a hand up not hand outs. We need smaller government.

We need freer markets that will allow for competition; for god sake man get rid of the marketing boards or at least sharply curtail their overreaching powers; make them optional. Explain to the ordinary man why the LCBO and the floor price of beer needs privatized in the former and eliminated in the latter. That the Government should not be in the business of selling booze and that the floor price favours the massive brewers; that the net end result is no competition in the market because the big guys don't need to compete they have their safe market share thanks to floor pricing. Of course there will be a chorus from the hand wringers choir that kids will take up drinking; money for food will be spent on booze etc. ad nausea. News flash it is already under the current regimen. Lesson learned "Governments Cannot Control the Actions of Everyone"; so stop trying too.

We are not a free society anymore regulation has sliced away that freedom as surely as a meat slicer slices salami. It is always been sold as some form of public safety measure so that the government de jour can look like they are earning their inflated salaries. We are not children needing to be protected from ourselves and our fellow citizens believe it or not liberal positivism has has not improved freedom or our quality of life it has served to juvenilize people; the attack on the farmers trying to sell raw milk is a prime example of this slicing away of freedom; they are not trying to sell it in the open market but to people who are willing to assume whatever risk is attached to such a practice. In fact some cheeses just can't be made with pasteurized milk.

Tim we need a leader that will stand by the notion that it is not the business of government to run peoples lives for them. That the business of government is first and foremost PROTECT our FREEDOM. It is not to infringe upon areas that the federal government is responsible for just for some cheap popularity ie: ban on cosmetic herbicide use; the sale of ammunition to already over regulated firearms owners (Baylis law). It's just not your job!

Commerce provides the life's blood of our economy; people with cash spend it. which generates jobs and taxes the more people working the more goods and services purchased the more taxes paid. Cut the Provincial portion of the tax by 5% then at least we are back to where we started; better still get rid of it. The government should always facilitate good commerce not stifle it.
We need to further utilize our resource sectors viz a viz our oil and gas deposits; possibly even shift from gasoline to natural gas powered cars. If we are to subsidize something subsidize emerging technologies through our universities and colleges. Get our keener minds set to innovation and development of new manufacturing avenues; stipulate that the subsidy rest on them developing usable commercialized ideas that will stay in the Province creating new frontiers for industry.

Oh don't get me started on health care in this province,,oooh nooooo.....

I can sum up very easily and simply what the vast majority Ontarians want; we want our labours to bear fruit; we want to enjoy that fruit what ever form that takes; we want to be left alone to go about our business; have a nice home; take a vacation now and then food on the table that we don't require a mortgage to purchase. Toronto is a big city with is big city problems but it is not all of Ontario

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