Friday, March 30, 2012

OMG!!!! REALLY?????? Once again the un-elected, un-accountable; social engineers strike again

The old maxim used to be let the punishment fit the crime, but this is Canada don't ya know eh!

In Canada the whole concept of punishing wrong doers is passe, and has been passe since the early seventies; Thank you Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

No indeed in Canada your crime is meaningless; your long history of crime is actually helpful if you happen to be an Indigenous person (Indian). Indeed that is the only consideration because the supreme court jesters say so; because Indians are over represented in prison doncha know!

This comedy routine known as the Supreme Court of Canada is really getting tired and calling them "justices" would be an oxymoron. They are as funny as seeing another rubber chicken or plastic doggy doo jape. Where is V when you need him?

I wouldn't mind them so much if they were called what they really are "The Ministry of Social Engineering and Protection of Government" because they stopped being a court of law years ago. They stopped applying the law and began Interpreting the law(Statutes because real law doesn't count in Canada) I know you might be asking "ya so what?". Well here is "what" the most basic and fundamental principal of law is that the "law" must be knowable you must be able to understand the law in order to stand under the law; if a Judge (which is a lawyer in a dress) must interpret what a law means; how on earth are you a poor simple un-educated peasant supposed to obey the law?

Another maxim that is routinely ignored is that "all are equal before the law" and equal protection of the law. How on earth is sentencing indigenous people lighter protecting other indigenous people from the violence these people perpetrate. The message that is sent is that indigenous people are incapable of living up to our standards, after all they are only natives; the remainder of the community? Well they must be used to it and accept it; its part of their culture.

The sentencing guide lines used by judges for indigenous people are found within an act of Parliament; again thank you Pierre Trudeau for such a "progressive" piece of legislation. Like all progressive social engineering it was passed with "Good Intentions" which means it is above reproach to question the wisdom of such an Act is to invite the label of "racist" to be visited upon you. Luckily I am beyond caring what I am labelled as by progressive hand wringers. Any Act of Parliament that "juvenilizes" an entire segment of population of Canada is the most pernicious bit of racism that could ever be contrived. Think of it just because you live on a reserve you are sentenced to live your days in fear of your fellow denizen because any crime that is committed against you is not denounced with the same sentence that would be given a "white man" in the same circumstances. Nice to know that your security is of less value than the "white mans" eh?

All this time when you supported the "special status" afforded your community I'll bet you never realized just how special you guys are? Perpetual children by statute. I'm sure the race hustlers will spin this in such a way that it will be our fault, but don't feel too bad; it has taken some of us a long while to learn that you never ask the government to fix anything social the cure is always worse than the problem and it is always done with good intentions.

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