Saturday, March 3, 2012

One Ashamed Canadian

Last weekend in a discussion with my wife; who is absolutely flabbergasted at my interest in politics and rights. She has even suggested that perhaps I ought to emigrate to place or country where I would be happier; my reply was a very passionate over the top "Why? Why should I have to leave? It's my f**n country!!! My people cleared the land and began to build this Country. They fought the Americans twice; they chose British Freedom over American equality. They were among the western Grits that stood for property rights.

Hundreds of thousands of people over the centuries have made the ultimate sacrifice for this ideal known as freedom. Why should it be surprising when a man who is a life long student of history has become upset at the current state of our Country. Political correctness has grown from a nuisance to a pernicious disease; safety and security have become more important that liberty and rights. A single human life has become more important and valuable than good sense; the words "if it saves one life than its worth it." have become the bywords of progressive politicians and their allies the mainstream media to justify inane legislation that does nothing but strip away rights and freedom.

Worse still it has empowered unaccountable faceless bureaucrats to run roughshod over our lives. It has empowered a School Administrator in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario to even proclaim that they are "co-parents" of our children. Really? Where are they when it comes to ponying up for sports and dance classes? Even putting food on the table? Of course this only is invoked when they are messing with your life just ask Jesse Sansone. This case screams why bureaucrats and public servants must be held accountable for their actions; why they need their mandates reviewed and all their extraneous and intrusive powers need to be curtailed. It also is testament to the level of hysteria that people of fallen prey to where a gun is concerned.

In an ongoing instance is the case of Omar Khadr the progressives have fallen head over heals in love with this treasonous terrorist. The MSM and a chorus of other supporting cast all but gush over him. They even took his case to the supreme court of Canada; to get this poor little lost lamb back home. Really??????? This is a man who's most happy moment in life was when he tossed a grenade at our U.S. allies troops killing one and wounding another. In a plea bargain he received an 8 year sentence. Wow! He is now the mayor of Gitmo.

I used to have the highest regard for the judiciary and the Supreme Court of Canada. I used to see them as the shield against bad legislation; instead they have become the Government's shield against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If they are not going to apply the law which they are sworn to do then they need to be abolished or replaced. They have become capricious in interpretation of the laws and statutes creating a situation whereby the "law is in their mouths". Such thinking was the undoing of a King; such thinking caused a rebellion and the creation of the Magna Carta. Indeed this quaint relic as it is regarded as; which brought a king under the rule of law. It's truly a pity we do not have politicians of substance and parts that would remedy this situation. It would require Constitutional reform and reform of the Supreme Court Act. Hell would endure an ice age before this would happen; even if it did it would be too little too late, and would probably leave the sacred cows alone.

As titled; I am one ashamed Canadian. In fact my fellow Canadians even embarrass me with their anti American attitudes. I don't disagree that they sometimes behave badly and truly embarrass themselves but I will cut them a great deal of slack because in my view they are family. I share more values with my American cousins than I do my European acquaintances. Europeans are civil code subjects and do not share my innate sense of freedom that runs through every offspring of the British Isles. Canada would be a poor colony still if not for the United States we became a great nation with their support through trade. Many of the chattering classes would be poorer today without U.S. investment in this country. The U.S. economy catches a cold we get pneumonia. We are linked in more ways than one. This anti U.S. attitude is fleshed out by the mere fact that the erstwhile liberal government of Jean Chretien gushed over the Khadr family and intervened on their behalf to secure the release the Khadr senior from the Pakistani authorities who was in prison for his terrorist activities..

Quite frankly though what makes me ashamed the most is purely and simply this: The very idea of rights and freedom have become synonymous with "right wing nutjob" can't say it any planer than that. Wake up Canada you are sleep walking into stupid since when has that idea ever been about left or right? There are still people in the world that would love a fraction of our freedom and rights yet because some wonk in the chattering classes or MSM has labelled freedom as a radical idea you are willing to give up your freedom for the "Greater Good", or for a false sense of safety and security. Truly if you agree with this idea false utility then there is little hope for this country you will become as dependent upon the Government as a junkie is dependent on a dealer. You will find out the hard way that a government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take all you have from you. Hardly a fair trade and you will find that you have neither freedom nor security in the end.

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