Sunday, November 15, 2009

2012 Count Down to Doomsday

I have resisted writing about this for some time, now I am giving into it with the release of the blockbuster Movie 2012. What is the fascination with the end of the world anyway? It is nothing new, people have been telling us the end is nigh for some time. Y2K was supposed to be the year the last trip round the doomsday clock. Now the date from the Mayan calendar is the new doomsday. Every prophet or prophecy I have encountered over the years never has any good news. Is it a case of collective guilt and collective bitterness between the haves and the have nots of the world? A “We don’t deserve our good fortune.” Coalescing with “You SOBs will get yours” perfect storm? I don’t know really but we seem to get preoccupied by doom every now and again.

According to the latest round the doomsday prophets the clock is set for December 21, 2012. This date is taken from the Mayans, a stone age civilization of pre-Columbian North America. The Maya were advanced for their time they developed a system of mathematics and conceived of numbers less than zero. However they built everything out of stone and obsidian they were not the most technologically advanced. They believed in a Pantheon of Gods which resembled animals natural to their environment and fed these gods with an endless line of human sacrifice. Not exactly a civilization I would hang any predictions on.

According to those who have studied the Maya they did not predict the end of the world. The mystery if you will is around the question of why the calendar ends when it does. If they were the great predictors as they are made out to be why didn’t it end when their civilization ended in 900 ce. Guess they didn’t see it coming.

They were the top tribe in the area if you will, if you were Mayan you were tops. Not likely to be the sacrifice. Perhaps it was their arrogance that produced a calendar that went so far into the future, more years than anyone could count was impressive. Perhaps being the regions master race they like our modern Nazis types(the thousand year Reich) were showing their superiority by stating that they would be around forever. In any case I haven’t met any ancient Mayans to ask them.

The truth is the world has ended thousands of times in our recorded and unrecorded history. We modern types seem to view the world as being the whole planet since we have knowledge of its totality. However many ancients only had concept of the world as what existed in the area that they could walk. What existed beyond that was terra incognita and was left to the imagination of what lay beyond that. A devastating earth quake or volcano could end the world they knew. So why would it be any different for the Maya.

So I will be bold and make a prediction, December 21st 2012 will come and go like every other 21st of December. Maybe with a little more fan fare than others. We also need to realize that a calendar running out is not cause for doom it just means its creators were not around to update it.


  1. I also wondered why there so many people are intrigued with the subject of end-time prophetic disasters. I think deep down many people realize the seriousness of the problems that face us. They also know that there are bible prophecies that predict end-time disasters.

    The public is fascinated with end-time disaster prophecies and Hollywood and the TV industry are milking that fascination for all its worth. But as I point out in my blog, they leave something important out. They sometimes quote the Bible, and the Bible really does predict disasters in our lifetimes, but they leave out the REASON for these disasters that the Bible gives. According to the Bible, these disasters are a punishment for the sins of man designed by God to bring man to repentance and conversion for our long-term good. But Hollywood has never been a fan of the concept of repentance.

  2. Although I disagree with what you say, You have the right to say it.

    The Bible or The Book is a bad translation of the Torah. The new Testament was largely written by people who never once met the Hero of the story. Now how do you expect everyone to accept second hand stories as gospel?