Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Such Hypocrisy!

You have to love the CBC and all the left lib media of Canada..They have been the House Orchestra for the liberal party of Canada for so long that they trip over themselves to look stupid.

Item- It seems one of Canada's pro firearms organizations has been conferring with SATAN. in laymen terms the NRA. About? Take a guess,,,if you guessed how to fight the gun control orgs and how to effectively lobby give yourself a cheroot..Imagine two pro firearms orgs comparing notes....Of course it has all the "we hate America " set aghast and are calling on the Ghost of Pierre T. to smite Stephan Harper...How dare they meddle in Canadian politics....

Of Course there is not mention of IANSA and the Canadian Coalition for Gun Controls long standing love affair..IANSA this org is just plain anti firearm and has been lobbying the U.N. to get everyone to sign a disarmament treaty..that is to say remove individual firearms ownership completely so that only police and military have guns...Just as an FYI they are well funded by the likes of George Soros..Another foreign National billionaire who happens to despise Capitalism, though it has been very kind to him.....but that is not his worse crime,

You see Mr Soros is/was a Jew. During WW II in order to survive he turned on his fellow Jews he turned them into the SS..worse still he feels no guilt about that...I would call him the most dangerous man on the planet..He is incredibly rich and has no conscience..

But hey instead of seeing things for what they are the lib left media will over look that. and keep howling at anyone that dare challenges their view

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