Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Demise of the Firearms Registry

At long last the bill to kill the long gun registry will soon be law. HIP HIP Huzzah.
It's only worth one cheer! The draconian Firearms Control Program will still be in full operation the day after C-19 becomes statutory. It will still be a criminal offence for ordinary Canadians to have lawful firearms without a licence. I would like at this time to assure all advocates of gun control that WE'RE NOT DONE YET!! We will not rest until this bad statute is finished, and become a memory.

As predicted by "we" "paranoid" "gun nuts" right on cue the Coalition For Gun Control have started their campaign of fear; they have started planting the idea that with the loss of the long gun registry it will mean "high powered" "deadly accurate up to a KM" sniper rifles will be de-registered.

Among the firearms community there is a divide those of us who figured out that if you can ban one type of firearm you can ban any type of firearm, and those who think that their firearm is safe just because they are hunters and none of their guns are a problem. We call these firearms owners "Fudds" after the Warner Brothers character Elmer Fudd. To say the least it is a very derogatory term. The Fudds have long held that their firearms are not the problem that they only hunt with them so on so forth; we have been telling the Fudds "yes you're right they won't come after your deer rifle, but they will come after your high powered sniper rifle". Well as if we had been watching a "future TV" it happens CCGC releases the fear campaign "High Powered Sniper Rifles Will Be De-registered." For the non firearms owner I will explain; any hunting rifle with a scope can be called a sniper rifle. Firearms manufacturers have spent thousands if not millions of dollars in research to develop hunting rifles that are more and more accurate for hunters, police and military. What is not commonly know by someone who has never shot a firearm is that the rifle is only one part of the equation; it might be of the perfect design and precision it still requires hundreds of hours and thousands of rounds of ammunition to become a consistent marksmen. It requires carefully controlled breathing an understanding of ballistic trajectory and the effects of wind to hit a target even at a hundred yards. No one can pick up a rifle and become an instant Hawkeye; even with the high tech rifles of today.

To put it succinctly it is pure Coalition for gun control propaganda.

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