Wednesday, August 3, 2016


In the title description I call for fundamental change in how election and politics is conducted in this country.

OMG King Selfie(1) must have heard me because we are getting change but it certainly isn't the change I was hoping for. No indeed he is pushing for some kind of proportional representation. What is worse he is of the opinion that we the people needn't be troubled aboot this noooooo!!!!!!! The Minister Responsible for the changes is a rookie mp and a woman to boot part of Justins "cuz it's 2015" program.  The Honourable Maryam Monsef  a Persian Afghani refugee and yes of course a Muslim. She is 31 years old and grossly unqualified for any job but I forgot she has the only qualification required by his grace she has a Vagina. She is the Minister for Democratic Institutions.  All I can say is heaven help us! Ministry of Democracy (Orwellian pun intended)

While I concede the that "first past the post" is less than perfect it is however the best we have at the moment. It's main problem isn't that it is unfair as its detractors would have you believe that the winner isn't the one everyone voted for(2) no indeed the biggest problem is our pluralistic party system. Anyone with an axe to grind or a vision can form a political party dividing up the voter pie. It comes down to 3 parties though The Con-servatives The Lie-brals and the No Democracy Party or to borrow from Monty Python "the sensible party" "the silly party" and the "really silly party". At present the Conmen are the only party fit to govern they still have a slight sense of what Canada is and ought to be; however we have the sillies running things with King Selfie at the helm of this ship of fools.

I don't hold any party in high regard, it's that lesser of evils thing. That said: we currently have the greater of the 3 evils as the government; we have the part time high school substitute drama teacher as PM. It still would have been better to have angry Tom Muclair over him and even better still to have Stiff as a board move at a snail's pace Stephen Harper over a narcissistic spoiled trust fund kid who believes that he is as brilliant as his father but in fact is as dumb as his mother. His father at least could think for himself unlike his son who has his brother and Gerald Butts pulling his strings.(3)  What is worse is this fellow is of the opinion that his way will be the best way just because it's 2016.

But wait King Selfie isn't content with destroying the electoral system, to ensure Liberal party dynasties he now wants to change the way the supreme court justices are selected. which when you look at the long and short of his proposal is that he will have put the court in his hip pocket and ensure that the selection of justices will make sure that only the Laurentian Elite sit on that bench and of course they will be beholding to the Liberal Party of Canada re: King Selfie and his successors.

Of course the media party is already fawning over the idea..I can't help but reflect on the words of his father the late Pierre Trudeau after the assassination attempt on a U.S. president; "Canadians at content to vote their leader out" to which a I muse "pity" 


(1) An alias given to PM Justin Trudeau as a testament of his narcissism.
(2)Though Joe Blogs won the riding and the seat with 5000 votes in total Jim Buggins was second with 3300 votes Sheila Veejayjay was third with 3200 votes. out of a possible 13 000 votes.
(3)His inner circle of most trusted advisors.

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