Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a happy holiday. Christmas is such a fun holiday when there are small children just discovering the magic of the season. I know my nephew's were wired for sound, driving their parents nuts with their excitement.

With the new year comes great hope, at least I hope it does. Though out in the real world things look grim at this point. Our brave leader in Ontario still hasn't clued into how an economy works yet and still isn't showing any signs of the "lights" going on in his head. Mr McGuinty is still looking at the tax payer as some sort of domestic farm animal to be milked. That Government spending fuels the economy and not spending on the part of consumers.

In order for consumers to be able to spend money and drive our economy they need jobs, which will provide them with money. It is not the business of Government to directly provide these jobs nor is it the business of Government to drive jobs away from our Province. In effect this is what the McGuinty Government is doing. Ontario has the highest taxes next to Quebec. This includes Corporate taxes. Let's face it folks companies are not in the business of providing jobs, however they are in the business of generating profits. Employees are a cost of business not necessarily the net end result. While there are many factors in why a business locates in one place over another, one of the deciding factors is can it make a profit is the single deciding factor. If wages and taxes eat up a bottom line the only thing a company can do to salvage its bottom line is reduce wages. Only because it can't reduce the taxes, among other uncontrollable expenses. It always falls onto the shoulders of the Workers to bear the brunt of this reality.

What can McGuinty do? The short answer is Cut Taxes. And I do mean Cut taxes severely across the board. The corporations should not be the only beneficiaries of a tax cuts ordinary people should too. If we go into a deficit because of tax cuts so be it. It is better to go into deficit that way than by expanding the Governments spending and still squeezing the tax payers. The Government will then have to make tough decisions on the streamlining of services.
A good start would be repealing useless laws. Laws must be enforced and all that requires money. Another idea would be the reducing of the Provincial Cabinet the number of highly paid Ministers and the number of departments. Eliminate commissions ,Like the Niagara Escarpment Commission. Another would be to scrap the Human Rights Commission.

There are many ways in which the Government may save money they just have to have the will. With over regulation comes big bureaucracy which takes big $$$$ to operate.
Corporations downsize all the time in hard times why can't our governments?

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