Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Right to Keep Arms In Our Defence

I am a rights activist, therefore, I can't leave this topic alone. Every day we read in our News outlets about a "Gun Crime' of one type or another. It is followed by the usual hand wringing editorials and Calls for a ban on this type of firearm or another. With the usual "No one needs" this or that type of firearm. "They are no use for anything but killing people". Followed by editorial letters saying that guns are also used for other things. These statements are indeed both true. However as a law abiding citizen with no inclination to commit crimes of any sort must take issue with people wishing to remove an ancient Right because someone fancies themselves as a "bad ass gansta". The trouble with the "Ban Nutz " and gun control advocates is they fail to realize that on balance there are far more guns in the hands of people like myself than there are criminals. The mainstream media likes to sell papers and journalist love to have their columns read by we little people. So they use "Eye catching" words. Which will elicit a emotional response with their readers. The usual response is agreement with their point of view. Both the media and gun control camps would like to think that a simple solution is all that is needed to solve the gun crime problem. In our society when has a simple solution ever solved a problem? The chief ingredient of Gun Control is compliance with the law. In Canada we have some of the world's most restrictive gun laws but yet criminals continue to break the law and use guns to commit their crimes.

I think you might agree that every human being has a right to life. That every one has the right not to be gun downed in the streets for the fruits of their labours. I think you would also agree that every woman has to the right to walk the streets safely without being set upon by a rapist and equally has a right to her life and her virtue. Even a sex trade worker has a right to this. We in Canada inherit viz a viz our English colonial roots the ancient right to defend ourselves. Not only that we have long held the right to the means in order to do so, and not just any means but the most effective means.

This is the most basic human right we have! If you were to remove yourself from civil society and place yourself in the wild you would have to rely upon your survival instincts and use that fine intellect that humans possess in order to do that very thing. Nature has given every creature that creeps, crawls, slithers, or walks upon this great earth the ability to defend itself. Whether it is great speed or sharp teeth, venom, or horns, heck even plants have defences. When you consider that we frail humans who have to cover our skins with skins for protection and do not have built in defences like speed or big sharp teeth or do we? Indeed we do have a built in defence, it is this enormous brain we have. Guile, intellect and reason are our built in defences. We learnt to make tools for defence as well as offence. Whether it was a rock or pointy stick we fashioned the means to defend ourselves. In fact we became so adept at it we gave up eating left overs from other prey animals and began doing our own preying.

This keen intellect is also our greatest curse because along with it came the ability to reason. With that came politicians. In the words of Jimmy Cliff ("Politics" poli means people and "tics" are parasites. "the People's Tics". ) We as an animal are the only politicians on the planet, every other species does what it does and nobody gets excited about it. Humans on the other hand get excited when we exercise our intellects and dain not to be prey of other human predators.

We as a species have fashioned tools that are extraordinary at both defence and offence. Offence being the ability to put food on our tables. Defence being that we can keep others from taking both life and property from us. There is not a Government on the face of the earth that has the right to say what I or you may use to defend ourselves. Yet they do try, and many of my fellow humans have decided that this is ok. As the Bible puts it, "And man shall beat his swords into plough shears and their spears into pruning hooks" But what it fails to say is that those that did end up ploughing and pruning for those that did not. Or in our case public protection is best left to the professionals "Police" and " soldiers".

Have you ever said to yourself " There is never a cop around when you need one.", Why would your safety be left to those that are never around when they are needed most?

It really doesn't matter what your neighbour has in his home, whether it is a single shot 22 or Barret 50 cal BMG. As long as he never uses it to harm you why would you care? You don't care what they and their significant other get up to on a Saturday night when they are alone behind closed doors so why would care what means of defending their home and family they have? Why can't we take the the approach we take with with everything else, the "If it doesn't affect me." attitude that Canadians are famous for.

The truth about gun control is quite simple. It only regulates the people you need to worry the least about and leaves the ones that you need to worry about alone. Gun Control gives, every thug and n'rr do well a government guarantee that their victims are unarmed and defenceless. Which in the terms of the natural world makes them the apex predator and the fittest to survive.

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