Thursday, February 12, 2009

At Last

At last there is movement on Parliament Hill, Yorkton Melville MP Gary Breitkreuz has introduce a Private Members Bill to end the multi billion dollar waste of money Known as the Long Gun Registry. Apart from ending the registry for rifles and shotguns it has some other cost saving measures that will streamline things without sacfrificing public safety. I see the move a step in the right direction, I will not be dancing a jig until all of the Firearms Act is repealed. There is no need nor call for these draconian measures introduced by the Chretien government. Law abiding citizens were not ever the problem. However they were made scapegoats. It was Kim the Pink who first brought in a stiffening of then current laws. But he illconcieved measures were quickly turned into political hay by the Liberal Party of Canada. There new law that they planned would make Ms Campbell look weak and worthless. it was to cost a "few million dollars" 2 billion in counting and the liberals governments making some of the costs "Cabinet Secrets" we the tax payers will or may never know the true cost of this pie in the sky idea known as the Firearms Act. All this money spent with the registry not helping to solve nor prevent a single crime. Indeed no in fact it has encouraged criminals enboldened them to commit crimes in broad day light. Car jackings home invasions being the new crimes that are in "vogue". Why one might ask? The short answer is, The Liberal Government gave every street thug a guarantee that we are disarmed and defenceless.

From a Tactical stand point if you are going to commit a crime are you going to pick a target that is able to fend you off or are you going to pick "soft target" that is easy pickins? The law as it is written makes our streets and homes one big Gun Free Zone. The storage regulations take care of your home since you can not keep a firearm loaded at the ready. The law has done two things it has told every theif and thug that you and your family cannot counter an attack effectively. Even if the perps are only armed with baseball bats numbers counter strength. On the streets they now no that no one is armed since concealed carry is non existent in Canada becuase the law allowing it requires an Authorization to Carry permit (ATC). The second thing the law has done is create a thriving black market on the streets. In Ontario there is a requirement that when a firearms owner buys ammunition the strore must keep record of that. with you name and address and type of firearm and its type of ammunition. No law is on the books about the security of these records..The Government has provided the criminals of our Province with an up to date catalogue. This of Course is always done in the name of "Public Safety" do you feel safer now knowing that the bad guys have the ability to find guns?

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