Thursday, February 12, 2009

If it hadn't been reported I would not have believed it!

In case anyone is not up to speed about Britain and some of the silliness that has transpired over the past few years since the Labour party has been running the show. The below article kinda sums it up nicely. England a once proud and sensible place has taken a turn for the silly. Prince Harry had to undergo sensitivity training for comments he made while he was on active duty in Afghanistan. On a more serious note a shop keeper and his friend fended off an armed robber. The shop keeper ended up charged with assault. To his discredit instead of defending himself in court he plead guilty to a lesser charge to avoid prison time. The Crown and the Judge agreeing painted him as being no different than the hooligan that tried to rob him. Stuff like this is stupifyingly amazing. It appears that defending your property is now a crime in England. One wonders what has gotten into the water supply there.... I would be laughing if this were a Monty Python sketch but sadly it's not. More is the pity our Great Nation of Canada is not all that far behind them.

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