Monday, May 3, 2010

As The Panic Sinks In,

It has been quite a while since I last posted anything on the topic of firearms. I would like to take the opportunity to debunk and set some records straight.

Why do firearms owners feel they shouldn't have to register their firearms, we register cars and dogs and land etc. etc. etc.?

What is the big bone of contention? simply put, Indeed we register a great many things. However you don't get sent to prison if you don't register your car and the plethora things you register. Also believe it or not there is not a single law that requires anyone to register those things.

Registering firearms make firearms accountable for their guns

That statement begs the question "Accountable for what?" We hold criminals accountable either by placing them on probation, parole or locking them up. Now this is where the debate becomes white hot for me. I am not a criminal and I refuse to be treated like one. Under Roman Civil Code which made its way into our system of law viz inheriting English Law etc. Criminals were given licences to stay out of prison provided they behaved themselves.

Sections 91 and 92 of the Criminal Code of CANADA made every firearms owner in CANADA a criminal, an outlaw without ever committing a crime nor having ever been before a court. One stroke of the Governor Generals pen 7 million people were made criminals. Now how do we manage to stay our of prison ,,,,We had to get a Licence. (which by the way only 2 million of us did,,,5 million of us said no)

There are about 8% of the 2 million that don't have a problem with that. They are of the opinion they will never need to worry. But,Think about it, How would you feel if you were all of a sudden declared a criminal?

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police support the registry and say it is an important tool in preventing crime

A year ago CPAC was outed. Their support can be bought. The ethics advisor even resigned because of their "funding practises". They are a LOBBY GROUP. accountable to nobody, especially the public..

Lets use a bit of common sense for a minute. Does the registering of cars prevent drunk driving? If you answer yes? I just be polite and say you are not being honest.
seriously it can't do that. So how can a registry firearms prevent a misuse? It can't either.

As an FYI we in Canada have not been required to have licence nor register our rifles and shot guns for 135 years. In the 8 years that we have been required to have a licence and register our firearms we have seen a rise in criminal use of firearms. Why? Simply GUN CONTROL is a farce. But don't take my word for it here is an excerpt from an article published "Canadian Gun Control. (Gun Rights)." by Don B. Kates..

Over several decades Canadian gun controls have been a subject of study by criminologist Philip Stenning who is a professor at the University of Toronto's Centre of Criminology. His views should be of particular interest for he is not a gun owner and has scant liking for guns and their ownership. Nevertheless he is anti-gun control because he has concluded that it "just does not work." His findings severely undermine gun control proposals made in either the U.S. or Canada.

Prof. Stenning's first finding is that the evidence does not support the anti-gun faith that more guns will cause more crime or that fewer will result in reducing crime. That faith is refuted by the lack of correlation--indeed, the often NEGATIVE correlation--between how many guns there are in any particular area and how much gun misuse there is in that area. As Professor Stenning wrote in Gun Control - A Critique of Current Policy 15 POLICY OPTIONS 13 (1994): "The highest concentrations of firearms in Canada are in rural communities. Data from the most recent study on this matter... [1991] indicate that approximately 60 percent of household firearms in Canada are in non-urban households. Yet most firearms abuses occur in urban areas; in recent years, for instance, urban areas have accounted for about 65 percent of firearms homicides. While almost every household in remote Aboriginal [Indian] communities contains at least one firearm (and typically more), the proportion of homicides in these communities committed with firearms is no higher than the proportion in other rural and urban non-Aboriginal communities."

Genuine fear is settling in among Gun Control advocates, the level of deception they are stooping too is both amazing and frightening at the same time. It is frightening because never in Canadian history has so much hysteria been mobilized at one time. All aimed at people who really don't care one way or another about the issue, nor do they understand what they are being asked to support. I don't doubt that if you did ask the average Canadian if they support gun control the answer would be yes. However this support dwindles quickly when the costs start accumulating, when they realize that, it is money being spent that could be used better else where.

It is amazing in the sense these people are lying in the day and age of such things as the world wide web, the freedom of information act and statistics are readily available to the public. All because they benefit from the status quo.

I'll put it to you this way think hard now, in 143 years of CANADA how many people have lost their sanity and gone off on shooting sprees. Not many less than 10 by my count 7, in fact the worst mass murder in Canadian history didn't even involve a gun. Nope, just plain old gasoline. For the one is too many set I ask you this, If one is too many then are you prepared to make everyone that uses gasoline a criminal?

Though the question that remains unanswered is simply this. If Gun Control is such a positive thing and genuine benefit to society, Why do its supporters feel the need to lie about it?