Sunday, June 27, 2010

Of Lawful Protest

With the recent "riot" at the G20 conference in Toronto, and Billy Blair snivelling to another snivelling politician for greater police powers while the summit is in progress to arrest anyone who does not identify themselves to the corporate policy enforcers within 5 metres of the security zone. I feel the time is ripe to let the cat out of the bag.

I have bad news everyone, this is the system you all voted for and this is the system you all support. So stop whining.

The Toronto Star has gone on ad nauseium about Mr McGuinty granting these extra powers to the police behind closed doors but are ardent supporters of gun control. how is topic related? Simply the right to protest and the right to keep arms are both lawful and synonymous with freedom.

In my own humble opinion it is an utter waste of time protesting peacefully or otherwise. I can't think of a single thing protesting has ever accomplished. It also proves that many of these "hooligans" have far too much time on their hands and need to be engaged in something productive. While they might claim they are raising awareness of the plight of others at the hands of these organized criminals (Governments) what they are truly doing is raising the awareness of people that they are violent and unprincipled. What they are saying is "Listen to us or we will wreck the place"

At Common Law we are free to do pretty much what ever we wish to do. The LAW only comes into play when the public peace is breached, when another human being is harmed, or when their property is damaged. These are serious crimes at Common Law (which is the only true LAW) The quote unquote "protesters" have broken several of these canons of LAW in an attempt to make the police and the pooh bahs look bad. Was it worth it?

If 15 000 firearms owners marching on Parliament Hill could not get Bill C-68 repealed how would a few thousand self entitled individuals change anyones minds? The short answer is they won't. These G20 blokes are used to protests even expect them, and fringe groups pushing their agendas at public expense will not make a difference.

How do you get a Government's attention? Well easy you rescind your consent to be governed. Trust me though,that is the only easy part of it and realize that you will be literally be "jumping the ship of state". You will need to make sure there is dry land under your feet when you land. We live presently on board a ship metaphorically speaking, that is to say we live under Admiralty Law which is the law of the sea. To live under the law of the land (which is Common Law) you have to declare your intent, your understanding, and declare your claim of right. To do this you will need a notary or a solicitor swear all this out in an affidavit which will then be sent to the respective pooh bahs and if they do not respond within the allotted time then it is perfected and a default judgment must be entered into the public record. Shazzam you have just made LAW.

A handful of people doing this will not raise an eyebrow, when thousands if not millions start doing this then they will take notice and true meaningful change will begin to take place. Why? because you will have stated why you are opting out and secondly you will be able to stop paying taxes legally(but that is a complicated subject, it takes time and must be done carefully)

This is the truest form of lawful protest. however you must be prepared to go all the way. I will publish a Letter of Intent and Understanding and A Claim of Right to demonstrate what I am talking about here. Mine is seven pages long so I think it precludes it being published in full here.

What also needs to be understood that you will be waiving benefits of this Free and Democratic society. Furthermore you also need to understand that the benefits I mention are not all good benefits. Remember the speeding ticket you got? surprisingly that is considered a benefit same with the parking ticket.