Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Freedom From The Press

What ever happened to the days of the press reporting the news rather than manufacturing it. I say press but I do mean all media outlets in reality. I contend that you can fit onto a couple of pages all the actual news everything else is what I will refer to as fluff and stuff. Of Course it costs money to run anything and advertising is a major source of revenue. I understand that people need a place to advertise their events, that aside. I am talking about "JOURNALISTS" or "COLUMNISTS" People paid to write OPINION not report the news. And of Course every outlet has their "EDITORIAL POLICY ". The trouble with opinions is they are like noses, nearly everyone has one.

The trouble with many columnists they get to put theirs in everyones home. Some can be quite insightful others are merely the "house orchestra" for the editorial policy which in some cases is the politics of the publisher. Which is fine,,,,really,,,. I just take exception when they are used to pontificate about issues that they truly know nothing about. The journalist on the other hand wants to be a columnist, he's the weasel in the hen house so to speak. He has something to prove, he wants to show his employer he has the right stuff to be one(a columnist). We live in a world of competition he has to get noticed so they will write or present a news story as though it is earth shattering news they have uncovered. Have I mentioned they needn't get the facts straight. noooo,,,they are not writing for your sake but for their own. After all they want the promotion.

I think of this as freedom of the press run amok. The problem is they have forgotten about the responsibility that the right carries with it. They could care less about every other right they might trample in producing their story, the only right that matters is their right. Maybe if they truly championed individual rights from time to time rather than looking out for their self interest we peons would actually be able to make an informed choice about something. It would be nice for a change to get a news report that is unvarnished and unbiased, one that is in fact a report. A tennis star once said when asked by a journalist about her sexuality she said "In my Country (Czechoslovakia) there is no freedom of the press, here in the west there is no freedom from the press".

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