Thursday, March 12, 2009

One Picture Paints A Thousand Words

London, ON Board of Control member Gina Barber interrupted a city council meeting, waving a bumper sticker she received in the mail. Despite being ruled out of order and on the verge of tears, she read the message aloud in council chambers. Barber had requested London Council support Toronto Mayor Cottontop the Halfwit’s handgun ban. Her motion was defeated.

'No' to gun ban support

On Monday, March 9th Gina Barber of London Ontario's Board of Control tabled a motion to help pressure the Federal government for a nationwide ban of legally owned handguns. The motion was in support of Toronto's Mayor David Miller, who blames legal owners and Americans for the problems of violence with guns in his city. Several council meetings were held with advice from legal owners who wanted a more effective crime prevention strategy without affecting legitimate sportsmen and women. Council also heard commentary from the police chief, deciding with a vote of 12 to 5 against supporting a ban, as it would have no useful effect on criminals.

Ms. Barber noted in council that she had recieved very little community support for a ban, but a large volume of mail against it. Even the city's Police Chief, Murray Faulkner has said, "Those who choose to break the law will do so, regardless of bans."

Responsible owners across Canada have been pushing for changes to firearms law that would put more public money into enforcement and reduction strategies, instead of money-wasters such as a Long Gun Registry or handgun bans. The debate about effective crime control has continued to be one of the most talked about topics in Canada next to the economy.

The bumper sticker reads:Only Crooked Politicians Fear Armed Citizens.
Indeed one has to question their motives, after all why would a politician support a law that disarms the law abiding while leaving the criminal elements of society to carry on business as usual. I think I would have to agree that only a crooked politician could support such a law one that would support this in the name of "Public Safety". If anyone is interested Britain banned handguns back in 1998, since then they have been awash with gun crimes. And they are an Island State.

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