Friday, March 27, 2009

"I said before and I'll say it again"

I am vehemently opposed to the Firearms Act. I would like to see all but the use offences or the what is known as "TRUE CRIME" sections gone. According to the UN there are 26 000 000 smalls in Canada. 21 000 000 small arms are in the hands of other wise law abiding citizens hands. which leaves about 5 million unaccounted for or in the hands of Police, Military, and criminals. The number of other wise law abiding citizens is about 5 million, the number of law abiding citizens is about 2 million for a total of 7 million. Having said this where is the blood bath that the Gun Control nuts keep warning everyone about. I mean after all if you listen to the MSM and the Gun Control nuts these evil mind control devices known as guns should be controlling nearly a third of the population. There should be mass shootings weekly if you follow their logic. We shouldn't have any women and children left with that number of guns in people's hands.

We have had 6 mass shootings in Canada in 34 years. Six people out of 32 million people in Canada had their trolleys slip their rails and obtained guns and decided to shoot people. Of the six three happened before our draconian gun laws were enacted. They are the reason that the Liberal Government of Jean Chretien decided to spend $2 billion creating the firearms act and the infrastructure to implement it. We will never know the true dollar amount because much of the documented expenses were declared cabinet secrets and sealed forever. I think our great grand children will be able to unseal them. We have had three since, under the strictest laws we have ever seen regarding firearms. Proving that the idea of trying to legislate against insanity is, well, insane.
It just doesn't work. The odd thing is that the shooters were seen as deteriorating emotionally by friends and family, or were known to have psychological troubles long before they found a gun.

If we are serious about keeping firearms out of the wrong hands then what we need to do is "Register Criminals". it would certainly be more cost effective. Simply because we have the infrastructure in place already and criminals are a small segment of our population. A registry of "Prohibited Persons" anyone convicted of a crime will be prohibited from owning firearms. With the addition of a stiff prison term if found in possession of a firearm. Even those persons that are on bail could be on the list temporarily, that is until their case is disposed of by the courts. Then whether that is temporary or not will depend on the outcome of course. Police already know about criminal records of individuals when they check the information data bank. It would be remarkably easy to figure out whether the person they just stopped for running a red light has a) a criminal record and b) whether they should just check to make sure they don't have guns in the car. Without fear of the race card being played. "Checked your licence you have a record for _____ I think I will take a look inside your vehicle. Checking for guns in the car of a known criminal is reasonable is it not? If not, why then is it okay to look in a vehicle of a citizen with no record what so ever? that does happen by the way, only because the citizen has a firearms licence.

From the time I started this entry much has happened I will now show you a news item
RCMP nab one of their own in child-porn sweep

Saint Johns, NFLD (CBC) - (CBC) - A Gander man charged last week in a Canada-wide crackdown on child pornography happens to be a retired RCMP officer.

Police described Operation Salvo, which led to the arrests of 57 people across the country, as the largest child porn sweep in Canadian history.

CBC News has learned one of the people caught in the net was Hank Johnston, 71, a former RCMP officer who was stationed for a time in central Newfoundland. He was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography.

Last Thursday, the RCMP executed a search warrant at a residence in Gander, and seized computers and associated storage devices.

Johnston was released after he promised to appear in court.

CBC News contacted people who know Johnston, but none were willing to be interviewed. One, however, told CBC News that Johnston is a fine man.

Johnston is scheduled to appear in provincial court on June 16.

In all fairness to the RCMP this individual is retired. However what is probative is that he was a member. How on earth could this happen? The truth is it does, through no fault of the force's even with rigorous back ground checks how can anyone expect the force to be all knowing and all seeing? We can't, can we. No more than the firearms act can. This does demonstrate though what is wrong with the logic that Gun Control orgs, the MSM, and the Government follow. If you notice no one is saying that computers should be banned because "someone might" commit a crime with them. Nor is anyone calling for the internet to be dismantled. No that would not be fair to everyone who uses them without committing a crime. No indeed, once again correctly the person that committed the crime is being held responsible not the inanimate object. But some reason this is okay when it comes to firearms? Someone gets shot we hear nary a word about the shooter but we do hear about how guns should be outlawed because "someone might" commit a crime with one. It just defies explanation....

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