Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let me make myself clear. I am not a right wing nut job, I am philosophically an Anarchist. The truth be told the existence of sovereign states has done more harm than good. Realistically I am a "live and let live" libertarian. If states are to exist they should be seen and not heard, or perhaps more aptly put not felt. If I appear to be less than progressive so be it all progress is not for the good as we are lead to believe. We in Ontario have standards that we have become accustom to I see it as the job of Government to keep are standards up without breaking the bank and keeping their nose (the government's) out of my life and my business.
That meaning maintaining our freedoms and our rights to conduct our lives as we see fit. When I became eighteen years of age I was much freer from my parents than a year earlier. Choice was the reward, the ability to make choices including bad ones. That was my right. I have over time come to cherish my rights, appreciating what it means to live in a free society where I am free to screw up or not. However I couch that statement firmly with the proviso that no one is harmed by my screw ups.

I cannot for the life of me understand people who are willing to give up any rights in the pursuit of a perceived good. "Public Safety" has become the a catch all blanket motive with the rallying cry of "If it saves one life". That is the most disingenuous statement ever uttered by anyone, largely because if one takes full meaning of that phrase and put it into practise we would be legislated into bubble wrap and not allowed out our front doors. After all how many people are accidentally killed in their homes? Driving to work everyday would be right out after all how many people are killed on the way to work. If acted upon that phrase could bring society to a screeching halt.

Life has always had its dangers. From are earliest beginnings there was always something looking to eat us. We learnt to over come this, we even thrived in a very dangerous world. Now what has this to do with Dalton McGuinty? Honest, I will get to that. Our species learnt to live with risks and dangers. People getting killed or maimed was part of living yes we did learn to do thing safer but that was not a guarantee that accidents wouldn't happen. So we invented Tort Law, which is the idea that we are responsible for the harms we cause. Which when you think of it, it is not a bad thing on the whole. How ever clever solicitors and barristers have become quite rich of of it. Anyone who has needed a Lawyer knows the cost of justice in our Country.

Many of would agree rules are a good thing, they tell everyone what is expected of them and set a limit on what will be tollerated in a civil society. But what happens when the rules become more important than the business of living in a free society. Where there is a naive belief that all anyone has to do is make a rule and a problem is solved. Dalton McGuinty seems to think so. McGuinty has in his tenure as Premiere of Ontario broken more promises than any politician in the history of the Country. I was always taught as a child that breaking a promise was the same as telling a lie, thus making me a liar. We all know liars cannot be trusted. Why then would you put your trust in Dalton Mcguinty?

While some of his lies are in the form of broken promises (263 last count) other are in the form of flip flopping on an issue. He said that he would not pass a law banning smoking in cars with children low and behold he did that very thing. He has even made lies of omission he did tell us that he was going to pass a law making it mandatory that children must be in a safety seat. To me either one is a no brainer. I do not require a law for that, do you? Maybe other people do? I then must ask you How did we reach the ages that we are today with out child safety seats or our mothers and or fathers smoking in the car? We all have at least one know it all friend who has an opinion on everything who at times gets on our nerves when the offer unsolicited advice on raising our children. We do not enjoy them when they do it, why is alright when a government does it?

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